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Hotel management Education In Nepal

Hotel management Education In Nepal

Hotel Management is a service-oriented industry. It covers management and organization of operation in hotel, motel, restaurants and various events.

Hotel management and hospitality cover strategy formation, accounting, administration, finance, information system, marketing, human resource management, public relation, event handling, and ensuring compliance with law and regulation. The roles and responsibility vary with the size of events or organization.

However, no matter how large the organization or events is customer satisfaction is the key to hotel management.

Hotel management in Nepal is growing the industry from small café to the international franchise, its scope is growing tremendously. There is a massive shift in the world toward service-oriented. Hotel managers have a promising future in Nepal as well as in the world.

The demands of qualitative hotel managers are very high in the market. Nepal is rapidly shifting toward tourism-based industry and likely to be established in the near future.

Opportunities after Hotel Management Degree

A degree in hotel management opens up a lot of avenues for employment in the hospitality sector. Jobs directly related to BHM degree include:

  •  Front Office Manager
  • Food And Beverages Manager
  • Restaurant Manager
  • Flight Attendant / Steward
  • Housekeeping Manager
  • Chef
  • Event Manager
  • Café and restaurant
  • Tourist destination management
  • Catering equipment product supply and distribution

There are several colleges in Nepal teaching Hotel Management. For bachelors level education in Hotel Management, there are 14 colleges under Pokhara University, 6 colleges under Tribhuwan University, 7 colleges under Purbanchal University and 9 colleges are offering an international degree for Bachelor in Hotel Management. Some diploma courses are offered by CTEVT in Hotel Management field as well.

Basic Requirements of a Good Hotel Management College

The best college in hotel management should focus on practical based knowledge and skill-building rather than limiting students in bookish and examination based knowledge. It should also meet the infrastructure needed for teaching Hotel Management such as kitchen, housekeeping lab, the latest equipment, and advancement are some of the necessity. Besides that industrial linkage, seminars field visit, real-time experience, and various knowledgeable sessions add value.

Platinum Management College is also offering Bachelors in Hotel Management course in affiliation with Pokhara University.

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