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Pokhara University

Pokhara University

Pokhara University was established in 1997 under Pokhara University act as Nepal’s fifth university. Pokhara University is a well-known university in Nepal. Its central office is in Pokhara Lekhnath municipality, Kaski district, Western Development Region. Pokhara University has set up a semester system based curriculum and evaluation to meet its objective.

In Pokhara University bachelors programs are of four years, delivered over eight semesters; Master program of two years delivered over four semesters; M. Phil Program of one and half years delivered over three semesters.

Pokhara University offers Bachelors and Master Programs in various subjects in its four constituent schools and 49 affiliated colleges. Currently, 26 Bachelors and 19 Masters Programs in constituent schools and affiliated colleges are in operation. PU is preparing to offer a doctoral degree as well. About 8,000 students are enrolled in various programs of Pokhara University.

An academic year of the University consists of two semesters of 16 weeks each. The fall semester starts in September and the spring semester in March. Fresh admissions are normally made at the beginning of the fall semester.

Pokhara University also has a transfer of credit hours facility. A minimum of up to  25% of the total credit hours of course work completed in an equivalent program of a recognized institution may be transferred for credit on the recommendation of the head of the faculty under certain criteria of University.

Pokhara University offers different academic programs to prospective students under three different faculties namely

  • Faculty of Management
  • Faculty of Science and technology
  • Faculty of Humanities and social sciences

Pokhara University has offered following masters and bachelor programs under faculty of Management Studies:

  1. Masters of Business Administration
  2. Masters of Business Administration(Global Business)
  3. Masters of Business Administration(Finance)
  4. Masters of Business Administration-Executive
  5. Masters of Health Care Management
  6. Master of Computer Education System
  7. Post Graduate Diploma in Health Care Management
  8. Bachelors of Business Administration
  9. Bachelors of Health Care Management
  10. Bachelors of Hotel Management
  11. Bachelor of Computer Information System
  12. Bachelor of Business Administration in Banking and Insurance
  13. Bachelor of Business Administration in Travel and Tourism


Pokhara University has offered the following Master and Bachelor programs under the Faculty of Science and Technology:

  1. Master of Science in Environmental Management
  2. Master of Computer Science
  3. Master of Science in Natural Resources Management
  4. Master of Science in Construction Management
  5. Master of Science in Interdisciplinary Water Resource Management
  6. Master of Science in Transportation Engineering & Management
  7. Master of Computer Engineering
  8. Bachelor of Civil Engineering
  9. Bachelor of Civil & Rural Engineering
  10. Bachelor of Civil Engineering for Diploma Holders
  11. Bachelor of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  12. Bachelor of Electronics & Communication Engineering
  13. Bachelor of Computer Engineering
  14. Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology
  15. Bachelor of Software Engineering
  16. Bachelor of Architecture
  17. Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry
  18. Bachelor of Science in Environmental Management
  19. Bachelor of Computer Application

Pokhara University has offered following masters and bachelor programs under faculty of health and science.

  1. Masters of Pharmaceutical Sciences  in Natural Product chemical
  2. Masters of Pharmaceutical Sciences  in Clinical Pharmacy
  3. Master of Public Health in Health Promotion Education
  4. Master of Public Health  in Health Service Management
  5. Bachelors of Pharmaceutical Service
  6. Bachelors of Science in Medical Laboratory  Technology
  7. Bachelor of Public Health
  8. Bachelor of Science in Nursing


Pokhara University has offered the following Doctoral, MPhil, Master, and Bachelor programs under the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.

  1. Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) (Humanities, Social Sciences, Sustainable development)
  2. Master of Philosophy in English (MPhil English)
  3. Master of Arts in English (MA English)
  4. Master in Population, Gender, and Development (MPGD)
  5. Master of Development Studies (MDEVS)
  6. Bachelor of Development Studies (BDEVS)

Pokhara University has successfully developed many links with different Universities and Institutions from Nepal and abroad and still on process of expanding international collaborative links in order to advance its teaching and research efforts to meet global standard of excellence The University is also developing cooperative activities including student and faculty exchange programs, joint training programs, organizing academic conferences and seminars, as well as other types of academic activities with its collaborative Universities and Organizations. At present, the University has cooperative agreements with 65 different Universities and Organization throughout the world.

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