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Student life in Nepal

Student life in Nepal

There is no single definition which can describe the meaning of student life; it differs from student to student, situation to situation and place to place. There can never be a single and unique definition. Coming from the stone era to the 21st century drastic change has occurred in Nepalese society. In the context of Nepal, student life is not that easy, we have lots of things to deal with. Nepalese students still belong to such a society where one should walk on the path made by their parents. Nepalese student life is already designed by some sort of system where rather than focusing on students’ interest and capability it is focused on rank, marks and degree according to theoretical knowledge. Thinking that a student becomes a doctor or engineer because of high marks in SLC, Nepali parents starts forcing their children to obtain first division and distinction in SLC at any cost which leads to failure in life although they could achieve marks in school and colleges to pass the exams by studying the subject where they have no interest. The students are being compelled to walk on the path of their parents just to be the one whom their parents want them to be. A teenager whose aim is to be a footballer, his interest is in sports but due to family and future, he is not allowed to give his time on football where he can perform well and achieve much better. The education system of Nepal is still based on old tradition many students in a rural area doesn’t even get required books to study. The major reason behind the poor performance is lack of infrastructure, modern tools, and techniques, unified national curriculum, and strategy.

Nepalese students’ life is painful which might be the cause behind student heading toward abroad for their study. In order to enhance the quality of student life, the system should be created where every student should be given full right to choose the field where they are interested after completing certain basic education level.

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