BBA College in Nepal | Best BBA Colleges in Kathmandu


Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is a four years full time semester system program. This course offers an opportunity to acquire professional skills in the early stage of their career as a management professional. This undergraduate course offers a deep understanding and development of important business skills such as leadership, communication skills, critical thinking, and decision-making. It also offers students tremendous opportunities to enhance their conceptual inputs and emphasizes on practical applications that familiarize the student with the overall functioning of organization, and makes them acquainted with the business environment and challenges of doing business.

BBA College in Nepal

Bachelor of business administration is an especially versatile business degree because it can generally be obtained by studying a variety of fields. Some of the esteemed job profile you can attain after a successful completion of BBA are:
• Accountant
• Financial advisor
• Marketer
• Commodities trader
• Human Recourse Manager
• Loan officer
• Real estate agent
• Manager
• Entrepreneur
• Business administration researcher

Some of the polished areas where a BBA graduate can look for employment are:
 Banks
 Marketing Organizations
 Education Institution
 Business Consultancies
 Multinational Companies
 Financial Organization
 Export Companies


BBA is four year, 8 semesters, and 120 credit- hour’s course. Students need to complete 120 credit hours of course including project work, research report and internship. The curricular structure of BBA program is as follow.

Course code                            Course Description

ENG 101                                 English I

MATH 101                               Business Mathematics I

ACC 121                                 Financial Accounting I

MGT 111                                 Principles of management

MIS 101                                 Computer and IT application
Course code                            Course Description

ENG 101                                 English II

MATH 101                               Business Mathematics II

ACC 121                                 Financial accounting II

PSY 101                                 General Psychology

ECO 101                                Introductory microeconomics
Course code                            Course Description

ENG 201                                Business Communication I

STT  101                               Business statistics

FIN 131                                Essentials of Finance

SOC 101                               Fundamentals of Sociology

ECO 201                               Introductory Macroeconomics
Course code                            Course Description

ENG 201                                Business Communication II

STT 201                                 Data Analysis and Modeling

MGT 211                                Fundamentals of Organization Behavior

MKT 241                                Principle of Marketing

FIN 231                                 Financial Management
Course code                            Course Description

ACC 221                                 Business of Managerial Accounting

RCH 311                                Business Research Methods

MGT 314                                Management of Human Recourses

MGT 311                                Fundamental of Operations Management 
                                              Concentration I
Course code                            Course Description

MIS 201                                 Introduction to Management Information System

LAW 291                                Legal Aspects OF Business and Technology

MGT 212                                Business and Society

PRJ 491                                  Project Work
                                             Concentration II
Course code                            Course Description

MGT 411                                Business Environment in Nepal

MGT  321                               Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship

INT 391                                 Internship

                                             Elective I

                                            Concentration III
Course code                            Course Description

MGT 421                                Strategic Management

MGT 313                                Introduction to International Business

MIS 202                                 Essential Of e- Business

                                             Elective II

                                             Concentration IV