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Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM) program is a four years full time semester system program which aims to produce professional human resource to meet the need of ever growing tourism and hospitality industry nationally and globally. It is directed towards individuals with entrepreneurial flair, who possess good commercial insight as well as quality of being service-minded. There is a strong focus on professional skills, theories, and management skills. This course covers wide range of areas in order to prepare participants as hotel managers and entrepreneurs.


A degree in hotel management opens up a lot of avenues for employment in the hospitality sector. Jobs directly related to BHM degree includes:
 Front Office Manager
 Food And Beverages Manager
 Restaurant Manager
 Flight Attendant / Steward
 Housekeeping Manager
 Chef
 Event Manager                                                



Course code                            Course Description                          

THS 161                                Fundamentals Of Tourism And Hospitality        

FNB 171                                Food  Production & Patisserie I (Theory )       

FNB 191                                Food  Production & Patisserie I (practical)        

FNB 172                                Food &  Beverage Service I (Theory)                

FNB 192                                Food &  Beverage Service I (Practical)               

RDM 181                               Accommodation  Operation I (Theory)       

RDM 191                               Accommodation  Operation I (practical)     

ENG 101                               English I
course code                           Course Description  

FNB 174                                Food Production & Patisserie II

FNB 194                                Food production & Patisserie II (practical)

FNB 175                                Food & Beverage Service II (Theory)

FNB 195                                Food & Beverage Service II (Practical)

RDM 183                              Accommodation Operation II (Theory )

RDM 193                             Accommodation Operation II (Practical)

MTH 105                             Basic Mathematics

ENG 102                             English II

FHN 191                             Food Hygiene & Nutrition
Course Code                          Course Description      

FNB 271                                Food Production & Patisserie III (Theory)     

FNB 291                                Food Production & Patisserie III (Practical)   

FNB 272                                Food & Beverage Service III (Theory)         

FNB 292                                Food & Beverage Service III (Practical)       

RDM 281                              Rooms Division Management I (Theory)    

RDM 291                              Rooms Division Management I (Practical)   

ACC 125                               Hospitality Accounting I                                

MIS 201                                Introduction to Management Information     

SOC 101                               Fundamentals Of Sociology
Course Code                           Course Description

FNB 274                                Food Production & Patisserie IV (Theory)

FNB 294                                Food Production & Patisserie IV (Practical)

FNB 275                                Food & Beverage Service IV (Theory)

 FNB 295                               Food & Beverage Service IV   (Practical)

 RDM 283                             Rooms Division Management II (Theory)

RDM 293                              Rooms Division Management II (Practical)

ACC 126                               Hospitality Accounting II

PSY 101                                General Psychology

ENG 204                               Business Communication for the Hotel Industry
Course Code                  Course Description

HRM 153                     Hospitality Human Resources Management        

STT 101                      Business Statistics      

RCH 311                     Business Research Methods   

 FIN 133                     Fundamentals of Financial Management  

MK.T 143                    Hospitality Marketing Specialization I (Choose One)

FNB 371                      Advanced Food & Beverage Management      

RDM 381                     Advance Accommodation Operations  Management
Course Code         Course Description 

MGT 312                  Fundamentals of     Entrepreneurship

MGT 216                     Tourism Business Environment

ECO   105                    Tourism Economics

MGT 412                     Strategic Management

PRJ 494            Project Work Specialization II (Choose One)  

FNB 371          Advanced Food & Beverage Management  

RDM 382          Advance Accommodation Operation   Management
Course Code                Course Description   

INT 396                      Internship  
Course Code                Course Description   

INT 396                     Internship