Although university education is an investment we offer several provisions of scholarships which largely dependent on students' past performance, financial requirements and his /her academic performance after joining the college.

University Scholarship :

This scholarship is offered by the university which is fully screened and decided by the University authorized after considering the factors related with the students as financial weakness, ethnicity & community, other special provisions etc. Students should follow universities dates, deadlines and criteria on their own to apply and receive this scholarship.

Admission Scholarship:

It is merit-based scholarship which is totally dependent on students' past performance, family financial strength, which is further subject to get approved by the college management after due screening through the interview. This is offered during the time of admission.

Special Scholarship:

This scholarship is provided to the students who have proven track record of having special traits in different fields as sports, music, dance and other areas and should have performed in at least National Level. To apply for this scholarship, the student should apply with documents of evidence, which is subject to be approved by the college management.

Academic Performance Scholarship

This scholarship is provided to those who secured the best rank from college at University board examinations.