Computer Lab

Computer Labs

Today, if there is no computer, there is no education. Limited pages of books are not enough for students in this competitive era so we are concerned with the computer and internet in the college premises. We have well equipped computer labs in proportion with the number of students. 

Computer Lab


With the collaboration with an IT company Leading Professional Technology, PMC family has launched a standard web-based Library Management System called nLiveRary. All the books are managed by the system and the students and staffs can have every access information about the books in library with just a single click at home.

Computer Lab


Besides classes, we have well equipped library with enough course books, reference books, manuals along with the additional informative and literature books. For its well management we have introduced web-based library management system..

Computer Lab


Under the supervision of college, hygienic cafeteria is available within the college premises. Students need not to worry about the quality of the food they will be eating inside the college.

Computer Lab

Seminars and WorkShop

We are always concerned with the ways on which we interact with our staffs and our students. For their overall development we often hold faculty seminars and workshops so that we can train every personal with the standard methodology practically. 

Computer Lab

Educational Tour

Travelling can always rejuvenate mind to grasp the knowledge more than the book. It freshens the mood of every individual so we often conduct educational tour for our students so that they can learn new things interacting with new people and new places.

Computer Lab


We have very friendly environment for our staffs and students. On regular basis we conduct sports program; football, basketball, cricket, badminton etcs. so that every individual can free themselves from possible monotonicity from their daily routine.

Computer Lab

Platinum Club

With the objective of involving the students in various social and other non- curricular activities, the college has established various clubs:
• Platinum Social Club
• Platinum Entrepreneur Club
• Platinum Environment Club
• Platinum Sports and Events Club


PMC’s BBA programme is affiliated to Pokhara University. It is a four year, eight semester and 126 credit-hour course.It aims at producing competent and quality business management graduates with sound knowledge and skill relevant to modern organizations. The faculty and staff at PMC work in a way so that the students are competitive and provided with opportunities to enrich confidence and motivations on them to come to the solutions of the problems associated with the modern day corporate world. The programme offers unique opportunities for learning; contents teaching in the class rooms with practical illustrations and on-sight exposures to the state of the art of business organizations as well. It offers students tremendous opportunities for enabling their conceptual inputs and emphasizes on practical applications that familiarize the students with the overall functioning of organizations, their interactions with the business environment and challenges of doing business